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Pro192 Studios- Music Recording StudiosPro192 Studios | Quality Media Production Services
Pro192 Studios
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Media Production Facility In Central FL

Is a cool collective of talented artists, a group of diverse and eccentric individuals. We are more dedicated than any other music recording studios in the scene right now and offer an efficient, no-pressure environment which is creatively stimulating.

  • We are backed by true professionals in the industry.
  • Our experienced owners have very helpful & valuable contacts with partnered music operations in Orlando, Atlanta, London, Holland and Spain.
  • It is our goal to provide you with an exceptional experience!

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We can either take an idea you have or have our team of writers come up with the perfect melody and lyrics for your future song. We strive on bouncing ideas back and forth until we get it just right.


Need a score for your band? Have an arrangement that needs a few tweaks? Our composers can take the music in your head and make it into a reality.

Music Production

You have the lyrics, maybe even the melody and rhythm to your new hit, but have no music to sing to. It’s a scenario lots of artists find themselves in but our producers can make you the perfect beat to accompany your lyrics.

Film Pre-Production

Sometimes you want to make a film. But sometimes you don’t know how to put it together. Let us take care of it for you. We can help you with Script-Writing, Location Scouting and Production Management.


There are many things that must be kept in mind when shooting your film. Our film crew lives for that perfect shot. Whether if it’s a film or music video we will provide you with unforgettable visuals that’ll be engraved in your viewers brains.


Once you have all the material ready for your song, you need to record it. Our recording engineers make sure every take is perfect and that your performance was captured properly.

On-Site Recording

There’s occasions where you need to record high-quality audio for a live event. It could be on the film set, at a sports event, a wedding, you name it. Our mobile rig allows us to bring our services to you.


Two heads are better than one right? Our producers are masters of incorporating your ideas with their own creative input to make the best of your song. From lyric ideas to vocal arranging, we’ll bring the best of your music.

Editing & Mixing

Song’s done and you’re pleased with the end result. Now we take it to the next level. Our mixing engineers use your perfect takes to make an incredible sounding mix. We strive to get the balance and space right where it needs to be.


Your whole album is done and now you need it to sound congruent. That’s where mastering comes in. We make sure that your album sounds even and full from beginning to end. We also make sure your masters are properly encoded.

Audio Post Production

Visuals and sound are the two ingredients to immerse your viewer in the world that you created for them. The sound in a film can be the deciding factor between impacting your audiences or having a half-natural product.

Video Editing

You now have your whole film shot and looking good. But without good editing all of the great visuals could have little impact.  Our experienced editors know exactly when to make the cut and bring all the shots together.


Distribution is a major part in the success of your project. Being able to press CDs/DVDs and print flyers & covers lets you sell your product to the masses. Why not throw some t-shirts in there?







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The Most Creative space I’ve ever got to record. Pro192 gives grade A service, has incredible producers, songwriters and the most knowledgeable engineer staff I’ve ever worked with.

Dario Brooklyn, R&B Artist

Hardworking staff. Dedicated to find the sound you’re looking for… Everytime . I drive an hour and half away just to come to Pro192, now that should tell you something.

Pretty Boy Jay, R&B Artist

Professional and relaxing environment. Friendly fun and hardworking staff. I couldn’t recommend any where else in the city better than Pro192.

Dooley Mac, Rapper / Song-Writer

The rehearsal space at Pro192 gives me the perfect ambience to rehearse drumming with my band. You guys always give us a private and comfortable atmosphere.

Luis Lopez, Drummer

Thanks guys! Your excellent work at Pro192 Studios has helped boost my singing career.

Lynn Tate, RnB Artist

Whenever I spend time in U.S.A., I use Pro192 Studios for my work. They have all the tools needed for world-class productions. Good job Pro192!

Russell Lee, Electronic Music Producer

Thanks to PRO192 I can always count on great service.

Mike Bellz, Hip-Hop Artist

Even though I make latin music, I still get the help with Pro192 that I need to take my music to the next level.

Janny, Latin Artist

I wouldn’t go anywhere else to work on my music.

Peter Belhomme, RnB/Alternative Artist

Everyone that sees the music video made by the team at Pro192 is immediately impressed.

Uqon, Hip-Hop Artist

The professionalism  you get with Pro192 is hard to find elsewhere.

Playa K, Hip-Hop Artist


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We will respond within 24-48 hours but sometimes it can be within a few hours. If you have any questions or comments you can either fill out the contact form to the right or give us a call. Pro192 Studios 2616 W Vine St. Kissimmee, FL, USA 34741 +1 1-800-765-1910 pro192booking@gmail.com


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